Can you earn a Criminal Justice Degree Online?

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You can obtain the criminal justice degree online through blended programs. A blended program allows the student to attend some courses on-campus and some classes at home, online. There are currently no exclusive criminal justice degree online programs because the majority of career fields will require the individual to have obtained some field experience through internships that are offered during the final year of a program.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program

US Navy 091029-N-7498L-066 Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Denise Darling received the certificate of recognition for completing her bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with emphasis in cyber crime

The four year bachelor’s degree is designed for the student that desires to specialize in a specific area of the criminal justice field.  Majoring in criminal justice will provide the student with a solid foundation in the workings and applications of the judicial system, which will qualify the graduate to work in a number of areas in this field. Additionally, there is a significant amount of specialization classes that can be taken, depending on the career path the student is interested in. Some of the fields of study within a criminal justice program will include blood spatter analysis, crime scene photography, paralegal studies and law enforcement.
Prospective students will need to have a GED or high school diploma in order to qualify for enrollment. Students that major in this field will also be required to complete a number of general education classes in English, humanities, math and science. Some schools will require students to have obtained the associate’s degree in criminal justice or criminology, or have a military background, before enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program.
Some of the core classes included in the bachelor’s program will involve such topics as criminal justice research and statistics, intro to policing, ethics, criminology studies, corrections, the judicial process and report writing.

Advanced Degree Programs in Criminal Justice and Criminology

There are several options for this career field, including DEA agent, park ranger, K9 officer and CIA agent. With an increase in the country’s population, this field is rapidly expanding. As an example, the demand for the position of the police officer is expected to grow by more than twenty percent in the next four years due to the continually increasing number of arrests in highly populated areas.

Students that have completed a bachelor’s degree program can qualify for enrollment in the two to three year master’s degree program in criminal justice, as well as the two year doctoral program. Students that pursue the master’s degree program in this field can expect a more in-depth education in this field. Typically, both the master’s and doctoral programs are available online at most four year colleges and universities. Many graduates of these advanced programs will go on to pursue an academic or teaching position in the criminology or criminal justice fields.